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Competition Rules
Each side must provide
1 A new ball of good club standard each side bowling with the ball provided by the opposition.
2 A competant umpire and scorer.For the final, umpires will be appointed by the Competition Director.
3 A ground of good quality and catering arrangements when drawn at home
4 A copy of the score sheet should be sent to the CD at 157 Praed Street Paddinton London W2 1RL or faxed 0202621721 or emailed
Eligibility of Players
Players must have been pupils at the school for at least one full academic year or have benn contracted by the school for at least two full academic years prior to the start of this current summer term. In the latter case the member of staff should not have played for any other old boys side in any competition in the same season. Current pupils are not eligible but may play immediately after the last day of term. A pupil however may stand in as a 12th man as a fielder in the case of injury but may not bat or bowl.
In the Final it is required that each side bring a 12th man and he/she may field as substitute in the case of an injury incurred during the match( but not bat or bowl).
Match regulations
1 The games will be of one innings each per side of maximum 55 overs with no bowler to bowl more than 12 overs.
2 Games should start at 11.00am
3 It is recommended that there are  three intervals, lunch-40 minutes,tea-20 minutes and 10 minutes between innings. the timing of such intervals is up to the captains but it suggested they should be at least 2 hours after the stat of the innings and or 25 overs.
4 The Laws Of Cricket shall apply. in particular, wides are normal wides and not 'one day F/C' wides. If the umpires conclude that unfair/negative leg side bowling is being aundertaken then they have jurisdiction to take approriate action.
5 The matches should be played in the true spirit of fair play.Bad behaiour should be reported to the Competition director and may result in the suspension of that team.
Whether conditions are fit for play.
1 The groundsman must have the power to veto play at any time.
2 Thereafter the decison should be made by mutual agreement between the two captains.
3 If the the two captains differ then the decision shall rest with the umpires with the proviso that the two captains may subsequently agree to over rule the umpires at any time.
4 If the umpires disagree with the captains as to the 'safety of play' then the umpires rule is final.
In the event of bad weather
1 Every reasonable effort should be mad to get a result on the day.For this purpose a day shall be deemed to end at 7.30pm.   Provided that at least 20 overs per side can be hoped to be completed by 7.30pm such a shortened game must be attempted.Captains may agree to play an even more reduced game by mutual agreement.any reduction in the number of overs must be matched by a proportional reduction for eachy bowler.A game once started must be played out if there is a reasonable prospect that a result can be achieved under rule 2 by 7.30pm.
2 There is no rigid rule for reducing the format of the game once started except by mutual agreement of the captains with assistance from the umpires. If anyone has access to the Duckworth/Lewis formula this may be applied by mutual agreement as may any other sutable formula. If agreement can not be met then the game may be considered void and where still possible a shorter new game re-started. 
3 If the game has to be stopped and the two sides can not arrange to play again the next sunday then the following formula is applied. Each side shall accumulate 1pt for each 20 runs scored and each wicket taken.If a side is bowled out but is aman short the bowling side will take 10 points. As long as a total of 20 points has been accrued by the two sides together  the winner shall be the side with the most points.
4 If no result is possible and not alternative date agreed then the match may be decided by either the toss of a coin,home captain tossing,away captain calling. Alternatively  a bowl out may be arranged with 10 bowlers bowling one ball each at the three stumps.Each ball must bounce before the stumps to be a fair delivery.
A Tie
 In the event of both sides finishing on the same score the side with the most points(1pt per 20 runs,1pt per wicket ) shall be the winner. If the points are the same then the points position after 25 overs shall decide the winner.If still the same then after 15 overs .
Matches shall be played at the school ground or similar quality club ground when owned as shown on the competition draw. If grounds are unavailable  every effort should be made by the two captains to arrange another date or switch venues.
Failure to raise a team
Every effort should be made to raise a side and if it means making up 10 and 11 with the ancient or infirm include them. If a team has to withdraw please adive the popposition as early as possible. If the decision is late the withdrawing team must considered they have a duty to share any costs already incurred by the home team.
The existance of may club ko competitions and the effect of weather on thesae competitions can play havoc with your selected CWT sside so always have a good number oof reliable reserves.
The final adjudicator should any point arise that is not covered by these rules or should these rules be broken will be the competition director who shall have the power to disqualify a team from the competition.
Likewise if the umpires submit a report to the competition director that a team or individual player has misbehaved and contravened the ' Spirit of Cricket and 'Fair Play' then the team and or the individual player may be disqualified from the competition.
Further notes
Copies of the rules may be obtained by contacting Michael Blumberg
An easy print off version is  available by clicking here
For the Southern Area certainly you ar recomended to use Brian Wilson's Umpires Agency 01252871939 or E mail BW


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