The County Championship was officially first played in 1890 and won by Surrey CCC. There had been earlier competitive matches between Counties and competitions, indeed several County clubs were formed in 1864.


There are currently 18 County clubs making up the County Championship in two divisions. The eighteen Counties also play further competions between themselves in the formats 50/50 and 20/20 and also compete in a 2nd XI Championship. Currently 2015 the Championship matches are played over 4 days.


The 2014 Champions were-County Championship Yorkskshire, 50/50 Durham CCC and 20/20 Warwickshire CCC.


The 2014 2nd XI Champions were-Championship Leicestershire,50/50 Leicestershire and 20/20 Leicestershire CCC.

The Minor Counties  Championship was first played in 1895 when the title was shared by three Counties-Norfolk, Durham and Worcestershire.Worcestershire then won the Minor Counties Champioship the next years and were elevated to County Championship for 1899. For many years the first Class Counties 2nd XIs often competed as well. the last 2nd XI to win was Yorkshire in 1968.Northamptonshire was elevated in 1905,Glamorgan CCC was elevated for the 1921 season and finally Durham for the 1992 season. Currently the Minor Counties play a Championship organised in two regional divisions with a final and also a 50/50 competition which for aperiod also included the 1st class counties Cricket Board XIs making it a 38 team competition. now both the Championship and KO Cup consist of 20 teams, 19 English non 1st class counties plus Wales Minor county(all Wales less Glamorgan).

Minor Counties Championship 2014 Champions-~Staffordshire CCC and KO Cup -Devon CCC.




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